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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Avoid accidents and problems by putting your trust in us

Outstanding patchwork and texture work by drywall repair experts

"No other drywall company has been able to provide me and my family with such amazing prices and professionalism that we simply had to share our appreciation with everyone. Thanks so much for the incredible work you did repairing some of the walls in many of our rooms and we will not soon forget it." Doug and Terry Cleveland

"I remember one time during Christmas that we had an accident and a wall was broken in the process. At the time we had no idea who to call to have it fixed, and so it remained broken for quite some time. At long last we have found your drywall company and you made the repairs look easy for a great price." Gregory Jackson

"I can't decide what I love most about your company: The great prices on drywall services, or the incredibly professional team who conducts those services. All it took was a simple phone call and a meeting at my residence, and your team took care of the rest in no time at all." Freddy Thompson

"I always knew that your company did good work from word of mouth through friends and acquaintances, but I never really knew until I witnessed your work for myself firsthand. Your company did a really good job on the drywall work at my house and I could not have been more grateful for that." Arnold Henley

"I really love the new walls in my house that your company installed for us. I know nothing about drywall, but even if I did after seeing how much hard work it took for your team to get the job done, I would have been a madman to try it by myself. Thanks a million for the great job." Nathan Hosteller

"My old playroom needed to be remodeled with textured walls. A friend recommended I call Drywall Repair Hermosa Beach, and they sent someone out that afternoon. The textured paint job was professional and I love the new look! These guys are great!"


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