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About Us

About Us

Our drywall contractors are experienced and meticulous, and offer full residential and commercial drywall repair services with efficiency. We guarantee perfect removal of drywalls, exceptional installation, faux finishes, and the most careful ceiling repairs as well as texturing methods in California.

Address: Ardmore Ave
Hermosa Beach, California
Zip code: 90254
Phone: 310-846-1095

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Our company is the most organized popcorn ceiling removal contractor, excels in bathroom tile repairs, and in drywall patching and texturing

When your demands increase so are your expectations! If you want perfect services, “Drywall Repair Hermosa Beach” is the only choice. We don't just fix the misaligned drywall framing but we stand by the client every step of the way as well. Do you want new drywalls? Let us be of assistance! Let us make drafts and plan your future home for you and with you.

Did you ever think that drywall installation requires great attention and compliance to building codes? That's why you need a company you can trust. That's why you need our drywall company. We issue and read blueprints, take into account all safety regulations and the special structure of your house before we begin our work. That's why you should invest in us! We invest back with excellent services and dedication.

If you don't want impersonal contact and want to rely on a team, which is really friendly and will do its best to provide the best solutions, contact our company.

Call us at: 310-846-1095

Let us tell you who we are

* We are a team of bonded technicians and have the best residential & commercial drywall draftsman in town amongst us

* Every one of our technicians is experienced with all drywall but also tile services and we do an excellent job

* We install, repair, remove and replace tiles and drywalls but are also here to provide recommendations, tips and ideas

* We also texture and paint walls and ceilings, do exterior painting, interior coverings, offer plastering services and have innovative ideas

* We are familiar with all materials, know which ones to use and make sure they are all ecofriendly

Choose us for our dedication! We are very strict as professionals trying to do a fabulous job in terms of structure stability. Your safety means the world to us! So, we take care of such things first but never leave out the aesthetical factor. In fact, we have so much to share with you if you are interested in our wall covering services or want curved like waves ceilings. Choose the colors, choose the style, choose Drywall Repair Hermosa Beach! We can make it happen! Just for you! Each one of you! So, let's meet and see how we can make wonders at your place. Call our teams any time!

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